Sky is the limit festival



After all this studying from home and missing out on all the parties. It is time to party like it is the last night ever, once again.

Sky is the Limit Festival 2022 will be your opportunity to enjoy life once again to the fullest.

The 24th of March we will celebrate that we can forget about Corona with all of you, for this we will host a festival where everything is possible.

We choose the perfect location:
Vliegbasis Twenthe!

So make sure you have your flight attendant or pilot costume ready and join us on the 24th of March!

The sky is literally the Limit


Mr. Belt & Wezol

Often described as the Netherlands' most striking DJ duo, Mr. Belt & Wezol combine retro with the new. In both their DJ sets as their discography you can expect sample-based house tracks, curated carefully to hit a sweet spot between the known and the unknown.

With performances on Tomorrowland, Mysteryland and Ultra there's a big chance you will see the guys in real life. But if you really want to see them in their element, you should visit their "The Cuckoo’s Nest" hostings and clubshows. At these events they play long solo sets or invite all of their DJ friends for a huge back2back frenzy. The ADE editions are traditionally sold out and new editions will be announced all year round.

La Fuente

Born and raised in The Netherlands, La Fuente learned about electronic music at an early age. After dozens of national gigs, he started touring in other countries too. Now, after performing and entertaining for more than 15 years on national and international stages, La Fuente breeds a very passionate following and his gig list stretches almost the whole planet.

Last year La Fuente pushed his limits. With 350 shows he traveled the world and left behind a great trail of club and festival sets that have captured the hearts and souls of the fans. During the festival season this summer he did 90 show and took 60 flights in 65 days. People in almost every global territory like Europe, US, Asia and South America were amongst the lucky people that experienced his energetic performances.


Mr. Shakes a.k.a Sjaak is doorgebroken met rauwe tracks als ‘Ik heb Schijt’ en ‘Wat is er?’. Hij was onderdeel van het legendarische project “Strijdersysteem” en is te horen op een groot aantal partyhits. Bewapend met deze hits verovert hij de Nederlandse podia en zet hij een slopende party set neer.

Na het mega succes van ‘Stap Voor Stap’ met Kav Verhouzer besloot Sjaak zichzelf 100% te geven voor de samenwerking met Armada en dat resulteerde in tracks als ‘Wifen’ met Bizzey en “Pipperdepap’ met Tony Junior. Sjaak was vorig jaar ook te zien in de grote bioscopen want hij kreeg een rol in de film ”De Belofte van Pisa”.

Tegenwoordig is hij druk bezig met zijn eigen Youtube-kanaal genaamd SjaakTV. Waarop hij zijn volgers telkens verrast met verschillende content. Zijn nieuwste serie Klaas Sjaak waarin hij op geheel eigen wijze sprookjes verteld ging al viral met de eerste aflevering roodkapje!

En er komt nog heel veel moois aan, stay tuned.

Max Major

Max Major will be the first person to play at the Sky is the limit festival! He is one of the winners of the DJ contest and will kick off the evening. You can find some of his bootlegs below on Soundcloud, and you can find some of his mixes on Mixcloud.


JACKAR is an upcoming Bass house and Future house artist from the city of Zwolle, the Netherlands! With his unique playstyle, technical transitions and with lots of house bangers, he blew the crowd’s minds at clubs like Hemingway (Leeuwarden) and Hedon (Zwolle); Just as he will do at this event!

Mokka Magic

Mokka Magic was first introduced to the wheels of steel over 10 years ago in Surinam. His skils were further developed in the Amsterdam club and night scene. Nowadays Mokka Magic rocks fissa's ranging from 1500 people to 30 people. Everything for the love of music!


PAXAL's love for music started at the age of 6 behind his parents' piano. Over the years this passion has emerged into allround DJing. Growing up in Oldenzaal, The Netherlands, he learned to DJ at a local Club and parties. With over 7 years of DJ experience PAXAL has already played at large events such as Boulevard Outdoor, Kick In UT and Boeskool at The Beach.


My name is Koen, a 20 year old DJ who goes by the name DJ Nox. I have loved music for my entire life. I love playing before a crowd and introducing you to new tracks. I play tech house and do this in a playful creative manner. It is my goal to make sure you dance your legs off and you didn't know what hit you. is a 21 year old student from the University of Twente with a passion for music. With his iconic appearance he is going to turn your night into an energetic and fascinating experience!


Will the event be Testen voor Toegang (Testing for Entry)?
As of the 23rd of March, testing or vaccination will not be necessary anymore for indoor festivals.
Will the event be indoors or outdoors?
The event will be indoors, in Hangar11 of the airport.
What happens to my ticket in the case the event can't continue due to the corona regulations?
In case the event can't continue due to the corona regulations, there will looked into moving the festival.
Is there a place to park?
You will be able to park your bikes or car at the location.
Do I need to be a student?
The event is only accessible to students who can show a valid studend card.
Will there be a coat rack?
There will be an unguarded coat rack at the location.
Other questions?
You can contact us at

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